As you may have heard, Derry Township is evaluating Tax Collection Services but no final decisions have been made at this time.  We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help understand the process we are evaluating.

  1. Is the Derry Township Tax Association Closing? The Township of Derry and the Derry Township School District are currently evaluating tax collection services as it relates to Real Estate Tax Collection, Act 511 Tax Collection and Street Light Assessments.  No final decisions have been made at this time.

  2. What is the annual cost to run the Derry Township Tax Association? Costs are shared by the Township of Derry and Derry Township School District to run the Association.  For FY2022, the total operating budget of the Association is $395,530.

  3. Who will collect our real estate taxes? If the Township of Derry and the Local Elected Tax Collector agree on a change, the Office of the Dauphin County Treasurer could collect real estate taxes for the Township.
  4. If Dauphin County would assume collection of our real estate taxes, how much will that service cost? It could cost approximately $3,600.00 per year.

  5. Can I pay on-line with Dauphin County? Yes, Dauphin County offers the ability to pay for all County managed services, including real estate taxes, on-line.

  6. Does Dauphin County provide this service to any other municipalities or school districts?   In addition to collecting all County taxes, the Office of the Treasurer collects for the City of Harrisburg, eight municipalities and a few school districts.

  7. When would this change occur? If the Board of Supervisors approves moving real estate tax collection to Dauphin County, that could happen as early as January, 2023.

  8. Who will collect my occupation tax? At this time, the Derry Township Tax Association will continue to collect your occupation tax.  This service will be subject to review under a separate request for proposals from third party vendors.

  9. If the Dauphin County Treasurer is deputized to collect Derry Township real estate taxes, can payments still be made in-person locally? Yes, the Dauphin County Treasurer will accommodate that request until the demand for in-person payment is no longer requested by Derry Township.