The Township of Derryย Winter Maintenance Planย provides effective and timely snow removal in a method that maintains the transportation system with minimal disruption to the daily lives of township residents. The plan classifies the clean-up responses by levels based on the accumulation and duration of the storm. Each of the three levels has an established action plan. The Winter Maintenance Plan requires the establishment of a snow emergency center for the coordination of snow removal and resident communication, activation of Snow Emergency Routes, and enforcement of parking restrictions.

Winter Maintenance Plan

Winter Weather Advice

  1. Please observe and obey parking restrictions.
  2. Do not allow children to play in the snow on the road.
  3. Do not throw snow from your property into the street.
  4. Place the snow from your driveway to the right (when facing the road) so that the snow is not re-deposited in your driveway when the road is plowed.
  5. Allow additional time for travel.
  6. Keep a flashlight and blanket in your car.