Derry Township Fire Department

Hershey Volunteer Fire Department

21 W. Caracas Ave.
Hershey, PA 17033

(717) 533-2953
(911 for emergencies)

The Hershey Volunteer Fire Department was organized February 6, 1906 when local residents saw a need for fire protection and joined together to plan a fire department. Today, the company has over 50 active volunteers that are dedicated to providing fire protection to the Derry community. The fire and rescue operations are directed by seven Line Officers. The fire company elects eight officers, including a Chaplain to oversee the daily operations. A Line Officer is on-call at all times.

Theย department owns three fire trucks, a rescue truck, a 95-foot elevating platform aerial tower, a lighting and air truck, and a four-wheel drive utility vehicle. Last year the Hershey Volunteer Fireย Department responded to over 675 calls. The Hershey Volunteer Fire Department believes in and strongly supports fire prevention. The department is actively involved in Fire Prevention week held every October. The department provides demonstrations and lectures on fire prevention to schools and other organizations throughout the year. A variety of literature on fire prevention, and tot finder decals are available at the fire station at 21 W. Caracas Avenue.

Dial 911. When calling 911, try to remain as calm as possible, speak clearly, and answer the dispatcher’s questions. Accurate information is vital in sending the appropriate number of emergency personnel and equipment to aid you in an emergency. Always stay on the line until told to hang up by the dispatcher.