The Township also receives revenue through interest on investments and fees collected for services.

Earned Income Tax

The earned income tax is 1% of earned income. Half supports the Township and the other 50% supports the School District. The EIT provides 27% of the Township’s revenue.

Occupation Tax

The Township receives $250.00 from all residents who are employed and earn over $12,000. This tax provides 12% of the Township’s revenue. The School District’s Occupation Tax is $250.00.

The Local Service Tax is $52 and is levied on each person employed in the Township that earns more than $12,000 annually. This tax is shared with the Derry Township School District ($5).

Real Estate Tax

Real Estate Tax Structure

2.5381 mills

School District
19.4348 mills

Dauphin County
8.8760 mills

Amusement Tax

Approximately 8% of the Township’s total revenue is received through the Amusement Tax.  The Township and Hershey Entertainment and Resorts entered an agreement in 1998 establishing an Amusement Tax of 75 cents per paid admission to all events and attractions.  The agreement was amended in 2012 increasing the rate to 85 cents per paid admission. This tax is divided between the Township and the School District.

Parking Lot Tax

The Township receives 10% of revenues generated through parking fees, totaling 4% of the Township’s revenue.

Real Estate Transfer Tax

Property owners are taxed 0.5% of the purchase price when their property is sold. The Real Estate Transfer Tax provides 4% of the Township’s revenue.

Liquid Fuels

These are funds distributed by PENNDOT from the Commonwealth’s vehicle fuel tax. The amount received is based on the number of miles of roadway in the Township and the population.