IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Derry Township Residents, Pennsylvania American Water, will be in our area starting this week, Monday, March 11 through March 22, going door-to-door and collecting responses to a survey from those who did not fill out the survey online already. All contractors representing Pennsylvania American Water in the field will wear high-visibility vests and carry official photo ID badges. Pennsylvania American Water wants to assess the type of material our customers’ water service lines are made of.Β  Water service lines connect to the water main to your home or property and can be made of copper, plastic, galvanized steel, or lead. Please help assist them by answering a few questions if they contact you or come to your door. Your assistance is very important in helping them meet the goal of identifying and replacing lead service lines. For more information, visit or call Pennsylvania American Water’s contractor, Greeley and Hansen, at 877-201-7926.

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