There have been new requirements for permitting pools that could hinder residents from obtaining permits for certain above ground pools when deeper than 24”. In short, these new regulations require applicants for permits to show that the pool manufacturer allows the walls of the pool to act as guards (equivalent to fences or other such barriers). If you intend to use the pool walls as the required barrier instead of fences or other barriers, please ensure that you verify that the manufactures has stated that the pool wall can act as the barrier prior to purchase, as we cannot issue permits for non-compliant pools.

Overview of Pool Barrier Requirements for Residential Pools and Spas

  1. All pools 24” in depth and greater require a building and zoning permit to install.
  2. Pool installation is governed by the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code and Chapter 42 of the International Residential Code.
  3. All pools which require a permit are required to have a barrier in compliance with the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, Section 305.
  4. The International Swimming Pool and Spa Code provides several options for a compliant barrier depending on the type and construction of the pool.

Barrier options for in ground pools:

  1. The pool shall have a barrier (fence) in compliance with the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code surrounding the pool.
  2. An exception to the barrier requirement for in ground pools allows for a powered safety cover to be installed. The cover must comply with ASTM F 1346 to be acceptable.

Barrier options for on ground storable and on ground permanent pools:

  1. The pool structure (walls) may serve as the barrier provided the walls are a minimum of 48” above grade for the entire perimeter of the pool, the wall complies with the requirements of Section 305.2 (heights, clearances, and member spacing) and the pool manufacturer allows the wall to serve as a barrier.  The pool manufacturer’s technical specifications and/or the installation instructions must clearly state approval for the walls to be used as the barrier.  A letter on the manufacturer’s letterhead signed and dated stating approval that the walls may be used as the barrier would meet this requirement as well.  In order to use this option to meet the barrier requirements you must submit the installation instructions, technical specifications or letter of approval from the manufacturer which clearly states the approval for the pool walls to serve as the barrier as part of the permit application.
  2. A compliant barrier may be mounted on top of the pool walls to meet the barrier requirement.  This barrier shall meet the requirements of Section 305.2.
  3. A compliant barrier (fence) shall be installed around the entire perimeter of the pool.

All permit submissions require the application, completed pool checklist and a drawing detailing the information from the pool checklist which is applicable to your proposed pool.