The Greater Hershey Regional Transportation Study DRAFT is available for public review at the following location:

Any comments or questions on the report, recommendations, maps or exhibits should be directed to Alyx Gallagher, HRG, via email at We request any comments or feedback by Tuesday, September 8, 2020. 

This project was undertaken in the summer of 2018 in an effort to identify future transportation improvements that may be necessary to accommodate projected growth and development in the greater Hershey area. Geographically, the study considers all of Derry Township and Hummelstown Borough, along with portions of Londonderry Township. The study involved the analysis of existing conditions, planned development, and projected growth to identify impacts to the transportation system. It includes in a capital improvement plan identifying recommended transportation improvements and costs, suggested updates to the Derry Township Official Map, and information to be included in project statements for major regional improvements to submit to HATS for inclusion on the TIP.

The project was largely funded through a PennDOT Connects Planning grant, administered through TCRPC and HATS. The PennDOT Connects effort involves coordinating land use planning with transportation planning so that one is not being considered without the other. The Greater Hershey planning process has involved discussions with various stakeholders to ensure that the plan considers transportation needs and circulation patterns in relation to projected growth and development.

In general, transportation improvements can take many years to plan, design, fund, and construct. Having a good plan in place and identifying necessary improvements is the first step to defining a project and seeking funding.