Click here to view the 2015 Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on January 26, 2016




The Mission

The mission of Derry Township’s Comprehensive Plan is to promote and encourage the development of safe, healthy, and distinctive living environments, amenities, and services for our residents and visitors.

The Vision

The Board of Supervisors envisions Derry Township as a safe, healthy and active community valuing open space; vibrant cultural, social, and business offerings; and welcoming neighborhoods and gathering places.  We envision a variety of housing opportunities with shops and services within walking distance and connected by a network of transportation options accessible to all.  We envision a prosperous future driven by our dynamic health care, research, educational, entertainment, business, and manufacturing economies, while respecting our cultural heritage and scenic beauty.


Derry Idea Board   The Derry Idea Board is a mapping planning tool depicting generalized information related to the development of the Comprehensive Plan.  Please note that the content and ideas expressed in the mapping will evolve and change in harmony with the development of content in the new Comprehensive Plan.