Plans May Provide Additional Recreation and Wellness Opportunities for the Community

The Derry Township Industrial Commercial Development Authority (ICDA) and the Township Parks and Recreation Department are working with a Lancaster developer to explore the possibility of having an aquatic facility developed off of Hershey Park Drive. The facility would be capable of hosting large swimming competitions, would have therapy pools for health and wellness partners, and have a recreational pool.

The Derry Township Recreation Center Stakeholder Advisory Group, formed in 2015 to explore improvements to the Cocoa Avenue Recreation Center, will be taking these new potential aquatic plans into consideration as they work through their planning process.

“We are in a unique position to leverage the fact that we are a tourist destination to achieve the result of having a world class aquatic facility in the Township without using taxpayer dollars. Without having to include such a substantial aquatic component at our Cocoa Avenue site, the Township could spend less money and open the doors to programming that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. It is very early in the process, but the opportunity to synergistically explore programming for both facilities is a positive thing for our community,” said Derry Township ICDA Chairman and Township Supervisor Justin Engle.

The discussions are in the early stages, but if the plans for a new swimming facility move forward, it could enable Township residents to enjoy aquatic opportunities at this new location and at the newly renovated center on Cocoa Avenue in the coming years. The Derry Township Recreation Center Stakeholders group agrees that the plans for the renovated Cocoa Avenue facility will continue to include a recreational pool, regardless of what happens with the proposed aquatic center. The proposed aquatic center would be located on land along Hershey Park Drive, west of Clearwater Road.

The planners from both sites will be collaborating in the coming weeks and months, while a separate effort will be progressing to structure the development and ownership of the Hershey Park Drive facility.